Saturday, October 10, 2009

Drei Tagen

Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag.
Wednesday, I realized, was the one-month-iversary of my arrival in Berlin!
The day was uneventful, but I felt like the Tuesday night roast was a good celebration :) in the evening, I made a meal that Eric called "very North America": mashed potatoes, peas, and chicken. I had the chicken with Kaufland's version of barbeque sauce. It was...interesting. The sauces here are not up to snuff. And nothing has enough spice. There are tons of Asian restaurants, and even some Mexican ones, but they all tone down the spice for German taste. I haven't tried a Mexican place here yet. I'm kind of scared. But my burrito cravings are coming to the point where I must answer them...
Thursday was a great day. A friend of mine is a photographer and she has a show coming up in November. The show is about women who are outside the norm in terms of what it means to be beautiful. She wanted to photograph me for it, and Thursday morning was our shoot! It was really fun. I accepted copies of the photos in lieu of cash payment, so I'll post some here when I get them.
I was running late, so for lunch I just grabbed a couple quick brötchen at Alexanderplatz. Sandwich fan that I am, I love the little bread rolls stuffed with things that are sold at all the train stations. They often contain surprises; for instance I got what I thought was ham and lettuce and it also included some delightful sour cabbage. They also sell melt-in-your-mouth brie sandwiches...mmm.
That evening was the Camera Obscura concert! I biked over the Oberbaumbrücke to the venue, Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof. Once there, I met with some friends and got a poster for only 3eur. Usually posters are 15-20USD at concerts in the States so I was very pleased with this:

The show was awesome. The band members are so cool. Two of my friends were freaking out and dancing like madmen, it was great. I managed to take a couple blurry photos:

The only thing is it was really short. They played maybe an hour set, then came back for a half hour-ish encore. This is a trend I have noticed at Berlin concerts. But I guess I don't end up with sore feet and checking my watch like I have at some American marathon-concerts, so it works out. Plus I then had time to go out after and meet a friend of a friend called Udo. We met up near Friedrichstraße and he happened to be hanging out with a bunch of Stanford kids from the Stanford-in-Berlin program this quarter. That made me feel old, old, old. But one of them was a rookie on the rugby team last year, so it was nice to see her again and catch up.
Udo and I were too old and tired to go with the kiddies to a club afterwards, so we headed home. I found a hubcap along the way! It's a pretty good one from Opel and looks good on my wall:

Speaking of my wall, my room is getting more and more my own...with the hubcap, Camera Obscura poster, Major Lazer poster I stole off the street, and my makeshift curtains it is starting to feel more homey.

Yesterday I biked over to the Turkish market, finally! It was great. Tons of fresh produce, all cheap. A stand or two with good cheeses (drool). One stand with delicious looking hummus! Fresh breads and sweets, and some stands with prepared foods. I only regret having eaten before I went, but on Tuesday I won't make the same mistake.
I picked up zucchini, carrots, dill, and green onions to make dinner. Our friend Galka was coming over and she's vegetarian, so I made a zucchini-kimchi quiche with a brown rice crust:

and roasted carrots with dill:

Eric made a salad and we had a great meal. Galka brought the scotch. Eric insisted on drinking rosé though:

And then I passed out at midnight. On a Friday. Haha I'm so cool. But really one of the great things about Berlin is there's a party somewhere every night. So there's no pressure to go out on Friday and Saturday just cause it's the weekend. I'm going out tomorrow though ;)
We got our internet hookup yesterday as well. Skype me, people!
Bis bald,


They also sell caviar in tubes. Apparently Germans put it on top of hard-boiled eggs. Eggs on eggs!

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